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PDF Search Engine, PDF Lookup, PDF Search Tool, PDF Free Download

Do you regularly need to search for some specific content for research or reference? If you're an IT professional, a teacher, a student or someone who needs to hunt through various documents and materials over the internet for research or reference purposes on an everyday basis, or your need is to free download PDF, you would want a utility that does the job for you in the most efficient way, and without the waste of a minute. Do you earnestly require a utility to discover content or text more simply and quickly? Yes, you might have given a thought to using a document search engine but never practically went for it because of the lengthy registration and sign-up processes, unnecessary downloads, and most of all, having to pay for it. Fortunately, there is a simple method to rapidly discover any document or material over the web, as long as you use Read on to find what and how can PDF Lookup accomplish for you.

PDF Lookup, PDF Search Engine, PDF Search Tool, Free Download PDF
PDF Lookup — A Great PDF Search Engine, PDF Free Download!

In any case, at present, the majority of websites offer this assistance making users awkward. Some require you to register without realizing the fact that the biggest reason one is using a document search engine is to save time. Why would anyone want to waste time in these formalities in the first place? And then these websites require you to download the documents to have a look through them and as long as you are a member, they charge you a significant amount of money as well and this is how you get trapped in the vicious cycle.

What is PDF Lookup?

PDF Lookup is the best free PDF Search Engine, Document Search Tool that performs a full-text content search over the web. Regardless of whether you remember the actual name of the document or you only recall the document by a couple of keywords or phrases in it, your requirement document or research materials pop out on your computer screens without the delay of a minute. You can search for all sorts of documents containing explicit content over the web through PDF Lookup.

Following the result of the content you are searching, will give you relevant results containing the content keywords, you can utilize the exact phrase match checker to refine the results, and then you can choose the files which contain the identical content you are looking for. PDF Lookup offers you the most ideal approach to search documents and materials for research and reference over the web by using filters to take you to the relevant results only without wasting your time.

PDF Lookup, customized for the individual, or corporate users, is the best free document search tool to locate the most relevant document online. It is devoted to offering its users immediate and simple text searching experience. This program empowers text-searching users to search their content or PDF text speedily and productively. You can conduct searching content in the shortest possible time by modifying the index-creating speed, which can incredibly spare you a significant amount of time and energy. With its unique blend of powerful customization and convenience, PDF Lookup gives the most productive answer for your content searching problems; the incredible functionality of PDF Lookup is what makes it is an easy-to-understand and unique content search engine.

Our plan to create PDF Lookup is to deliver productive document searching arrangements that empower you to search, and access online content.

How do you Search and Free Download PDF for your required documents with PDF Lookup?

Once accessing this website, you can enter the right keyword into the search box. For example name of a document, document, book, notebook, blueprint, scheme ...

Results appear quickly after just a few seconds. You can switch Tabs to filter options, so that, the resulting page will display only the PDF, DOC (Microsoft Word), XLS (Microsoft Excel) or PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint) files according to your needs.

When you find the desired document, just click on the file name to download. Especially with the cloud technology and through Google's security scanner, all text files and documents are completely clean without Virus so, you can be assured 100%.

How does the PDF Search Tool work?

PDF Lookup supports to limit search results and locate the specific contents or material that you're searching for. PDF Lookup document Search engine uses a superior web crawler that indexes the content in an organized configuration that is improved for our search calculation.

Moreover, PDF Search Tool users can control the extent of their search engine index in the Search dashboard by adding singular pages at their index.

PDF Lookup search engine works similar to Google and follows three fundamental strides to generate results from site pages:


When you type a title, a text string, a keyword, or a question, PDF Lookup attempts to locate the most relevant documents, and the most applicable answer from its list depending on various elements. PDF Lookup attempts to decide the best answers, and factor in different contemplation that will give the most relevant document and the most proper answer. All these things, work collaboratively to make PDF Lookup the fastest document search engine that it is that generates search results in the blink of an eye for the searcher.

Why choose PDF Lookup over conventional document search engines?

• Simple and easy-to-use interface
• Explore Billions of documents quickly by filename
• Search for any text-string by content
• Fixed index-creating features.
• Most relevant search results
• No need to register an account
• No need to log in
• Search with all Languages around the Globe.
• A quick search with libraries containing billions of documents worldwide
• Download documents and documents with just a few clicks
• All free!
• And the sky is the limit from there ...

Salient features of PDF Lookup:

Here are some of the most salient features of PDF Lookup:

Instantaneous search results.

PDF Lookup is an incredible web document search indexer. It has an exceptional index search technology that is a lot quicker and more compelling than others and offers other incredible features. It significantly spares your time and energy in creating the most important results in a matter of seconds. The best thing about the PDF Lookup document search engine is that you don't need to experience that extensive registration and sign up procedures to get started.

Search documents on all networks

Utilizing PDF Lookup, you cannot just discover the text online on the World Wide Web but also search the contents of text documents on the home network or office network.

PDF Search Engine for text inside PDF files.

PDF Lookup encourages you to discover explicit content inside PDF documents. There is no compelling reason to install Adobe Reader or other PDF editing software on your PC.

Accelerate your search

You can limit your search to speed it up, and make the searched results progressively important by specifying more. Find text inside a document.

PDF Lookup is a utility that can find text inside an E-book PDF, Document, or research papers after the search results turn out. You can tap the result and afterward it will show which line the text finds.

For more insights regarding its features, read below:

- Promptly finding the documents on the web
- Searching for explicit content by file types
- Searching files containing text by filename
- Searching for full text inside files of different kinds.
- Finding a file containing a specific text string
- Gathering index and non-index searching
- Creating diverse indexes by numerous search scopes
- Reindexing recently refreshed documents consequently
- Having the element of "Exact Phrase Match"
- Adjusting the indexing speed
- Arranging the searched results
- By title
- Seeing the full text by double-tapping the results or right-clicking and choosing "Full-Text Viewer"
- Downloads starting with a single click!

Advantages of PDF Lookup?

Possibly some of you may ask, ”What are the advantages of using PDF Lookup?” Well, they are just too many to be true. The following are some advantages of PDF Lookup that everyone can equally benefit from.


One of the most significant and positive advantages of Lookup is that you can spare your time and energy and increase your working proficiency or efficiency.

PDF Lookup, an effective document search utility, is intended for home users, experts, and private ventures who need to save their time with the goal that they can concentrate on their work and customers. This incredible and client arranged document search engine offers you an opportunity to immediately search for everything that causes you –lists, messages, PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, and substantially more.

PDF Lookup Organization

Remaining organized is vital to success. PDF Lookup can explore text inside billions of documents dissipated over the web very quickly, which can assist you with remaining composed and be lucrative. Regardless of whether to search for results as your contribution to the search box or to see any searched records, PDF Lookup can meet your increasing discovering needs and enable you in your business and day by day, life.

Increased productivity

Another compelling advantage of PDF Lookup is the increased work productivity and the sense of achieving more in less time and of course, with just a tap of your finger. If you can't ensure what precisely is the title of the document you are searching for or where you would discover it, using the PDF Lookup tool, you can rapidly and precisely find your required PDF or some other documents. It can spare you a significant amount of time and increase your work productivity.

Flexibility and ease-of-use

Additionally, PDF Lookup is structured with some flexibility to adjust to your particular needs. Offering the choices of discovering documents by file types, adjusted time and document size, etc.

No registration and sign-up required.

And what could be more advantageous than avoiding the lengthy procedures of unnecessary formalities like registration and sign-up procedures to get started with your search. PDF Lookup is designed by keeping the simplicity and ease-of-use of the user in mind. And most of all it is free of cost which we will cover in our next point.

PDF Search Tool Free Access

Some search engines, for example, LexisNexis, have some expertise in legal or other particular, insightful data; these sites charge an expense to use their services. Searches are allowed to the client, without limitations for the data, you look for, the time spent on the site, or the number of searches you perform. Even though these advantages are for all users, it is a specific favorable position for understudies, work searchers.

PDF Lookup has free access, and that’s what I believe seals the deal and ends the game for all the other document search engines which require the users to pay a significant amount of money every month to continue using them. You have no such restriction with PDF Lookup. Keep on using as much as you can, whenever you can without a care in the world. Time-Saving.

PDF Lookup saves you time in two ways: by eliminating the need to find information manually, and by performing searches at high speeds. Without PDF Lookup, you would have to look at sites one by one and pore over the contents of each carefully — a tedious prospect PDF Lookup automatically finds you the required content out of billions of Web pages on the internet and gives you results in a fraction of a second.


Relevance is the most important and much-needed criteria when generating results because let's be honest who would want to use a search engine to get irrelevant and unorganized search data that they will have to search through themselves to find what they need. That’s the thing with PDF seek, you don’t have to do a thing yourself other than typing a phrase or a keyword in the search dashboard. It will generate results for you in a fraction of time by crawling through billions of documents available on the internet. When PDF Lookup sweeps a site, it scores the content for significance to specific search words.

Although search engines keep their ranking recipes mystery, they mull over components, for example, redundancy of related words and connections from different sites. PDF Lookup sorts its results page by importance to your criteria. You see the most relevant scoring results at the top; as you descend the rundown, search results become less significant.


PDF Lookup examines the whole Web and keeps complete information on each page they index. We hold such a lot of information, that assists you with finding obscure sites about which you would not otherwise know. Search results are bound to give you an excessive amount of data as opposed to nearly nothing.

Advanced PDF Search Engine

Apart from keywords, PDF Lookup allows you to use advanced search alternatives to refine and filter your results. These choices help make your searches increasingly flexible and modern. For instance, to forbid results containing a specific word, type a short sign before the word. To search for a definite phrase, encompass it with quotes. If you need to search a particular website, a text document, a published research E-book PDF free, or a particular type only, type, "content” just like that, encompassed with quotes, and you will get the exact document in no time.