November 30, 2023

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Stringing up lights to brighten the darkest days of the year is a time-honoured holiday tradition.

A neighbourhood ablaze with multicoloured displays, or that warm glow of twinkle lights welcoming guests into your home, puts many in the holiday spirit.

But it might be time to toss that old, tangled set with parts that aren’t working anymore in search of something new to illuminate the season.

Here’s some inspiration to get you into the holiday spirit!


Why spend time unspooling when you can simply drape? These lights provide a ton of impact in the shape of a Christmas tree aglow, with little effort. The bright white lights and star topper feature eight different lighting modes from fade to flash.

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If you want to add some colour into the mix, this multicoloured set is a great option.


Go retro with this outdoor string set. These big, bright bulbs hearken back to Christmases past and will look especially pretty with a light dusting of snow on top. And, unlike those strings of yesteryear, if one bulb burns out, you can easily just unscrew, and replace, without having to purchase a whole new set.


Take that holiday lights vibe even further back with these vintage indoor bubble lights, hugely popular from the 1940s to the 1970s (look for them when you watch the Christmas classics this holiday season). These new versions are safe and provide a gorgeous bubbling glow in the tree branches. Says one user, “I had these as a kid and thought it would be neat for my kids to have them. They’re awesome, fun and magical!”

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Sometimes, when it comes to lights, what you need is sheer volume for maximum impact. This ultra-popular (more than 6,700 Amazon reviews) set contains 1,000 fairy lights — one white and one multicolour string — and can be used indoors or outdoors. In addition, they have an amazing set of features, including a whopping nine light modes, bright white or warm white settings and various colour modes including fade, twinkle and flash. And, two handy remote controls mean no stepping outside in frigid temps to change them up!


Make it rain in the snow with a set of raindrop lights, which give your outdoor display a sense of motion and sparkle. The drops appear to cascade down from your front entrance, a tree or from inside a window. Bright white LEDs ensure that these will be a focal point to your light show.

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Popularized at weddings and adorning teen bedrooms everywhere, curtain lights also add a special twinkle to front windows during the holiday season. This set comes in cool and warm white as well as multicoloured and are best for indoor use. The LED lights can be set to glow continuously via the remote six or 18 hours. Hang them behind sheer curtains to give your home a welcoming glow until well into the New Year.

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Level up the twinkle with a set of smart lights. Outrageously customizable, by downloading the app or pairing with Alexa or Google Assistant, the string responds to voice commands and can be synched to outdoor Christmas music. There are thousands of colour and feature options, and they can even match the colours of an uploaded photo.


Sparkle up your fences or hedges quickly and easily with a set of net lights. The mesh allows whatever the lights are draped on to shine through, and the eight modes ensure an ever-changing display.


Want to be the envy of the neighbourhood by getting those lights to outline the house in perfectly straight lines? Almost invisible light clips are the answer. The plastic clips are lightweight and can attach almost any string, indoor or outdoor, from twinkle lights to rope lighting. They’re also wind and crack resistant.

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