November 30, 2023

It is officially spooky season in Regina, and people are getting ready for Halloween with treats, costumes and decorations.

But for some, inflation is taking some of the fun out of the festivities.

Alyssa Leblond is searching for the best deals around Regina in hopes of having fun on Halloween and getting some good scares. And while she will hand out candy like always, it won’t go as far this year.

“The candy is the same price but it’s way smaller,” Lebland said. “Chips and popcorn bags are smaller now than they used to be, especially.”

Halloween shopper Felicia Walker says she has also noticed an increase in costume prices.

“Adult costumes have always been silly expensive, but kids’ costumes are now getting up there as well,” Walker said.

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A survey done for the Retail Council of Canada found 81.8 per cent of Canadians are expected to spend more or the same than last year on Halloween. Walker is among the 19.2 per cent who do not want to spend more.

Instead, Walker has turned to places like Value Village to get different pieces of clothing to create her own costumes.

“We have our kids mix and match what they want to do and we put the costumes together,” she said. “I’m pretty artsy and I went to beauty school so I can do the cosmetics for them.”

The survey found 48.8 per cent of Canadians who celebrate Halloween say they are willing to spend more than $50.

Spirit Halloween supervisor Angela Roy has noticed big increases in people searching for Halloween decorations over the years.

“I’ve been with the company probably about 10 years, and when I first started, not a lot people were decorating, but now people are going crazy for Halloween,” Roy said.

“A lot of the decorations people are buying more of.”

Despite costs that can be scary at times, Leblond said it is still important for her to celebrate the “coolest holiday ever.”

“I always wanted my Christmas tree to be covered in Halloween decorations,” Leblond said. “My kids are also like that and I think they prefer Halloween over any other holiday.”

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