November 29, 2023

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This is the year. This is the one where you’re going to move away from your boring witch costume and come up with something that’s sure to grab some attention this Halloween.

Here are six costume ideas to get your creativity flowing.


If you loved Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday (and you know *the dance*) then this updated twist on the classic Halloween costume may be for you.

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If your hair isn’t long enough to fashion into braids or you don’t want to temporarily color it jet black, then a wig may be your new best friend.


Say Hi Barbie!

You loved the movie and Dance the Night has been on repeat on your Spotify. Here’s how to adopt Barbie’s look for yourself this Halloween.

The one thing that is a must for your costume is pink. Even better–a pink dress (try this one or this one if you don’t happen to have one tucked away in your own closet).

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Pair the dress with a set of white heels and whichever Barbie-like accessories you can get your hands on–think a set of fake white pearls, white long/short-sleeved gloves, and a small pink purse.


Finish the look with a high, curled ponytail in a pink bow or scruchie and don’t forget the pink lipstick and sunglasses!


Want to be a little extra? Track down an appliance box and use a utility knife to cut out one side of it so it resembles the interior of a Barbie box. Paint the box inside and out bubblegum pink and print out the Mattel logo to glue onto the box. Slide the box over top of your costume to make your grand Barbie entrance.

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Western Ken is another hot costume coming right out of the summer blockbuster movie to help you be…Just Ken. Not sure you can pull off the “Mojo Dojo Casa House” look? Just pair this shirt and bandana with a pair of black pants.



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Charcuterie Board Costume

If Barbie is a bit too mainstream, what about dressing up as a “Girl Dinner”? Snack boards are hot and who doesn’t love a cheese and meat tray to nosh on? This one-size fits all costume is the perfect last minute idea that really doesn’t look last minute. (Bonus! The glass of merlot you’re holding while mingling will fit right in with your costume.)



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If you’ve got a group of friends who are looking to coordinate a costume–there’s power in numbers if you’re shy to dress up alone!–this trio is sure to turn some heads.

If you’re going solo but still love a game-themed costume, this one may have friends handing you beers all night long.


Prefer a more unique costume? This requires a bit of handiwork on your part executing the makeup for the final look but Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas movie guarantees you’ll make an unforgettable impression.

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Don’t forget the makeup to perfect the stitched look, though you may want to practice applying it before the big night.



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